Welcome to Chameleon Refrigeration...

"Why Chameleon?" Well, put quite simply, our refrigeration background is unrivalled! Our knowledge - that is only gained through decades in the industry - allows for a much higher frequency of repairs, rather than often expensive replacements. Rest assured, our aim is to provide you with the most cost-effective solution to your refrigeration requirements. If it's not worth repairing then we'll tell you before we begin our work! 

As well as our impressive track record in the service & repair field, we also conduct full system installations to suit your needs. If you'd like a free quotation on any type of installation, just ask! We're here to help.

If your cellar is like a sauna or your cold room's reading high,

If your bottle cabinet door seal makes you want to cry...

If your air-con wets your ceiling or your fridge begins to bake,

If your refrigerated display counter starts to bang and shake...

If your ice machine is leaking or your freezer's on defrost,

Call Chameleon right away - before your trade is lost!


Cellar Cooling ❄️ Air Conditioning ❄️ Commercial Refrigerators

Bottle Cabinets ❄️ Display Chillers ❄️ Refrigerated ISO Containers

Walk-in Cold Rooms ❄️ Blast Chillers ❄️ Ice Machines ❄️ Mortuaries

Our Services 

Need our services or more information? Call or text 07954775616 now!

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Fault Diagnosis

We don't hide anything from you. It's a standard £40 call-out fee (£70 out of hours) for us to diagnose your fault (many companies charge double this). We'll then let you know if it is feasible to repair your equipment and allow you to make any decisions before further expenditure. We will waiver your call-out fee if you contract us to undertake the repair.


It is vital that you have all of your refrigeration equipment serviced AT LEAST once a year to prevent often crippling repair costs. Most warranties will be voided without evidence of a service by a qualified engineer.

A simple blocked condenser can result in a burnt-out compressor, which will lead to an expensive repair bill and often writes-off the equipment entirely. Contact us today to book your equipment in for a service.


We'll let you know if your equipment is worth repairing. Most businesses rely on their equipment to gain revenue. If you are unable to afford a necessary repair, please speak to us about our finance options through our partners at Go Commercial Finance. Our aim is to get you back online as soon as possible to prevent any further losses.


Air Conditioning and Cellar Cooling System installations allow us to work closely with our customers to meet their design specifications. Don't worry - if you don't know your AC from your elbow then we're here to help! We'll find the right size system to fulfil your needs. Everybody loves a shiny, new system!