Cellar Cooling

First and foremost, if you call us and it goes straight to voicemail, we're either on the phone to one of our valued customers or we're down in one one of these lovely places with no signal (don't worry - we'll call you as soon as we see daylight again).

We specialise in the servicing & repair of ALL types of Cellar Cooling systems but our installation service is second-to-none. We take serious pride in our installations and you will see that in our end result - Aesthetic pipe runs, robust unit mounting and a system output that will meet your expectations. We provide FREE quotations on all of our installations and we'll take care of all of the calculations and measurements for you.

As with many other services that we provide, we are often sub-contracted by larger, nationwide companies to conduct high-profile installations. JD Wetherspoon, Brains Brewery, Heineken and Molson Coors (just to name a few) have our engineers' projects in their cellars. But the majority of our Cellar Cooling work takes place in the private members' clubs and freehouses around South Wales and the West. We are willing to travel nationally to conduct an installation, so even if you're Scottish or Cornish - request a quotation and we may just surprise you with our prices!

Contact us today for all your Cellar Cooling needs!